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About us

Cholakov-Gongalov Architects is an architectural and interior design studio. It is founded in 2012 by m.arch. Viktor Cholakov and land.arch. Dimitar Gongalov. We have over 10 years of experience and over time we built strong concepts of workflow, communication with clients and attitude in regard to the entire work process, as well to the final product.



Creating architectural projects of houses, hotels, multi-family buildings, office buildings etc.


Creating projects of interior spaces – residential, commercial, office, etc.


Detailed 3D-modeling, high-quality photo-realistic interior, exterior, landscape renderings etc.


Creating full project documentation with all necessary parts – Structural, Electrical, Water and Sewerage etc.

Interior design

The interior spaces, no matter if they are residential or commercial, are very specific for creating, because the inhabitants are in constant close contact with the interior elements.

Our main task by creating interiors is to reflect on the spaces the spirit of the inhabitants.

House design

By designing houses the peculiarity is that the client’s requirements are always very specific and detailed in comparison with buildings which are not for personal use.

Form does not follow function, nor function follows form; everything follows client’s requirements.

Architectural design of buildigns

The main defining factors by creating architectural projects are the characteristic features of the property and the area; the function of the future building and the client’s requirements.

As every architect, we also have favorite style, but we don’t force our visions upon our clients; we always consider the needs of our clients.