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Project info

  • Project date: 3.2019 г.  
  • Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Architectural and Interior design: Cholakov-Gongalov Architects /m.arch. Viktor Cholakov; land.arch. Dimitar Gongalov/


The house is situated on a very sloping terrain, with panoramic view in the direction of the slope. The entrance is from the upper side. On the ground level is the living area, on the above-ground level are the bedrooms, and on the partial-underground level there are a grill-bar, a guest bedroom and storage and technical premises. The architectural solution is in a contemporary, close to minimalism style; clean shapes and volumes are used. The house is a semi-detached; the two halves are identical, but with some small differences in shapes, because of the shape of the property. Towards the direction of the view are provided large windows, and to the street and the neighboring property - more solid facades. The facade finishes are smooth stone lining, HPL panels and white and gray plasters. The roof is pitched, but the slopes are with small angle, so they will not be seen of human sight. The yard is terraced and there are various corners - a dining area, a low seating area with a fireplace and an infinity pool.

© Cholakov-Gongalov Architects (m. arch. Viktor Cholakov; land. arch. Dimitar Gongalov)